Random Thoughts after a while


I’ve still haven’t blogged all the stuff I want to … I realized yesterday that I haven’t been blogging as frequently as before.

I think this marks the “transition” into the new role I’m in and the 101 things I’m trying to tidy up when it comes to juggling my role as the pastor of a local congregation, father to 2 kids and husband of one wife, a part-time student who needs to get things moving … and of course, the new role of education chairman for a denomination committee is opening not just a can of possibilities but also some worms too … Lord have mercy.

Elysia’s smiles has been REALLY good to me … it gives me strength and little moments of grace and acceptance. She’s not bothered by my activities, she’s just responsive when I smile to her …

I miss swimming …. I want to swim …

a little worried about mom

yesterday was tiring and I can”t stand the KL traffic …. it’s crazy. I think I was bordering falling sick when May Chin came to the rescue with a “fuzzy vitamin C” drink and a panadol thrown in …

I’m excited about Gareth’s school concert tomorrow.

I’m happy to decline a speaking engagement for next year. I think after last week … I’m in need of “reconsidering” what to take and what not to.

Then again, I’m always saying that … it’s a life long struggle.

I’m overwhelmed with dinner appointments these past few weeks .. I can feel my body and face “expanding”.

I crave for silence … and some solitude … and special times with the Almighty …. I can feel the hunger … and he’s waiting.

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