Random Thoughts after Re-streamyx-ed


finally I got my line connected! … well that’s after …

going to the TM point centre end of october to change to a new phoneline
then on the 31 October … ask to transfer my streamyx line to the new phone number and line … then waited for one week (ok it was a holiday season)… called the TM point PJ phone line for ages and no reply … then managed to get a direct line … and was put on hold a few times.. . then they said they’ll call back but never did. Called 100 3 to 4 times to check … nothing positive or no action … apparently I found out yesterday after I went to Tm Point PJ again and this is the THIRD time – that my application was processed on November 8 – they even printed it to show me after I saw it on their monitor … then they said it will be ok yesterday … nothing happened … then finally I got an email … (earlier I sent one and it bounced!!!) .. I called 100 again (I don’t know how many times I’ve done so already now *frown*) this time got to the technical department .. got some “reasons” why it’s hard and how it’s complex and so forth … then the guy on the other line said it’s “almost” complete .. my patience is more than wearing thin … I’m bordering very close to cancelling my account (and they better give me a rebate or something!) … so if it didn’t work out this week .. they would have one less customer. In fact, they might still have me for now … but they’ve lost my trust, respect, and confidence.

I really had to get the above out of my system .. please forgive me … it was therapy!

I’m glad today I called the director for post-graduate study at the seminary … the four modules for my M.Theol program are pretty settled in my mind. And my thesis focus is sharpening. I’m happier with the potential line up of module supervisors… and hope by next year I could have a thesis supervisor settled. I hope the Jesuit engagement is possible 🙂 for one of the modules.

It’s been another hardworking week … and yet I’m thankful for some space tonight and maybe a little bit more tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to “share” and be part of an innovative Brethren church worship service on Sunday ….not too sure what to expect … 🙂 But I know some of the people there and they’re a great blessing to me.

It will be an interesting weekend coming up … apart from Cranium Wars between LiFe Groups, food and Fellowship on saturday at the Father’s hOuse, I and a few others will be having coffee and some conversations with those connected with the NECF research commission and Sunday popping by the Centre for Independant Journalism with a young intelligent man (maybe another might follow?)

Looking forward for an online CG afterwards .. if possible!

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