Emergent Supper

Emerging Church/Theological Education Caucus Audio
Thanks to Adam Cleaveland for making this available … I’m downloading away!

Loyal radicals
Great summary and notes. These words from Karen Ward struck me as she shares on how their congregation relates to the denomination as a whole –> “Emergent leaders in the ELCA talk about relating to our denomination as the mothership,” she said. “We emergent leaders are a dinghy brigade. We’re totally in relationship to the mothership, but we’ve jumped into the water,” not jumping ship but “going overboard to explore the missional culture.

“We’re loyal rebels. We like splashing around in the water but we also go on deck and report to the captain. We don’t want the ship to run aground. We see ourselves as scouts. And the mothership is beginning to take the reports from the field seriously.””

Martin Luther: Emerging?
Now let’s take out the beer and celebrate!

Emerging Church and the Holy Spirit [1], [2], [3]
Kester’s challenge is well taken …“I want to propose that we need to radically re-imagine our language of the Spirit. It is unfortunate that the charismatic wing of the Church have hijacked the concept of the Spirit and taken it hostage to the power-evangelism agenda… It seems that one cannot talk about the gifts of the Spirit without it being taken as meaning healing, speaking in tongues, prophecy etc.”

Holy Spirit in the Emerging Culture & Church
Good to follow a concrete response to the issue at hand …

Emerging Church Critics (Updated)
Thanks to Andrew Jones for updating us with those who aren’t too excited about stuff relating to “emerging” and more specifically “emergent”.

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