Random Thoughts on Sunday evening


what a precious moment I have now – solitude and silence.

It’s been an eventful week … today’s sharing at a Brethren assembly was my first 🙂 It was great to be part of the multi-sensory worship gathering John Yip and co designed for today. There were many moments where I found my hear settling down – or centering calmly after an activity full week.

It’s been challenging for us this past week as both Gareth & Elysia require “substantial” amount of attention … and of course, the majority cries out for “mummy”!

Soo-Inn was absolutely right when he told me how having two kids will demand a greater amount of energy then we had expected. Whenever I feel my hair dropping because of fatigue and sometimes frankly frustration … somehow those words become a kind of encouragement in a strange way – it translates into – “it’s ok hang in there!”

Nice to check out the Batman Begins DVD extras … It’s become one of my personal favorites especially this year.

I realise I’m not really a Pizza person … well it’s not that I realised it tonight. It’s just reinforced. 😛

Looking forward to have some father and son time with Gareth tomorrow!

Hope to get back to more disciplined reading and reflection. I can also feel a strong pull to have some “extended” time for journaling which I’m missing because of the “adjustments” in time and responsibility.

I think after next week … it will be another crazy and yet fruitful season of ministry so I’d really like treasure as many non-busy moments as much as possible.

There’s quite a number of “unfinished” business as far as blogs, ministry, personal and family matters are concerned. I hope to start finishing or completing them (or in some cases star them) this week. I suppose typing all this in right now is one way of keeping myself in check!

Ah .. missed swiming this week 😛 the exercise is even more needed in view of the demands on my body, mind and emotions … etc!

It’s still very quiet .. suddenly don’t know how to react …

for starters, i’m taking note of my breathing!

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