Random Links 73

Is Religion Good for You?
Thanks Yew Khuen for this link .. DB this is to support you for work-life balance! This quote is paradoxically interesting: “attending religious services weekly, rather than not at all, has the same effect on individuals’ reported happiness as moving from the bottom to the top quartile of the income distribution.

However, the same factors that determine religious attendance may also determine these outcomes; for example, it may be that happier people go to church, not that going to church makes you happier. “

Four Principles of Discernment
Thanks Latino Liz for another relevant reminder! Many people miss point number 3.

Corruption Is A Sin
ah .. Bob returns from an overseas trip with a bite : “Malaysiakini reports that representatives from the six major faith groups in the nation; Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism; have finally come to a joint conclusion that corruption is a sin!

Duh!!?? Did it have to take that long for them to figure it out?”

Birthing a Church: Exploring a Feminine Model of Church Planting
Now this is something refreshing!

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