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“WE ARE CULTURAL ADDICTS AND WE CANNOT BREAK THIS ADDICTION ALONE” .. not strictly emergent but … I need to read these posts .. keeps important things in perspective!

something different thanks to Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog

How Can We Sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land?
“There are two other main options for Christianity faced with the secularising, pluralising challenges of late modernity. These are deductive and reductive options. Deductive options tend to be the conservative ones, turning to tradition and scripture and away from today’s cultural agenda, while reductive options are the more liberal ones, trimming the content and expression of faith in fidelity to today’s culture”

The Emerging Church: Mature, Mystical and Militant
“Today’s forms of these deductive and reductive approaches are evident in the (equally) post-modern options of fundamentalism (everything is deduced from a certain reading of scripture) and thoroughgoing liberalism (everything is reduced to fit culturally-subservient needs and expectations of the moment). Beyond fundamentalism and liberalism, however, lies a third way that Berger called inductive, involving a return to the roots of religious conviction, reclaiming the ancient core of Christian tradition in critical conversation with present-day realitiesórestoring, re-invigorating, re-inventing.”

Liturgy: Secret Weapon of the Emerging Church
“If the Church’s aim is to establish a Christian world-view in the face of post-Christian culture, the resources provided by this universal cultural fact of ritual transformation and symbolic reinforcement should not be dismissed. Liturgy as a drama of world-making serves as a carrier of this ‘new creation’, where a congregation tells again the story of God’s universal purposes made concrete and personal in Jesus, liberating the worshipper and empowering an embodiment of that vision as the assembly departs ‘to love and serve the Lord’.”

Best Book on the Emerging Church
Let’s see which Malaysian bookstore is the fastest to bring this in … on your mark – get set – GO!

Facing Opposition: An Open Letter to Emergent Christians
It’s been a while since I got an hand written letter … I havent written an Open letter before … perhaps I should (on other matters of course!)

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