Random Links 74

Understanding Biblical Urgency: Debunking Left–Behind Theology
It’s not just about our end time view’s it’s about how we see the Bible … “I believe that scripture does come to life in our world and in our lives — but not in a series of scripted disasters and wars. The Bible comes to life most of all in life–giving experiences of hope, healing, and transformation. We find the message of the Bible and Jesus’ second coming for today not by drawing detailed correlations between wars in the Middle East and biblical prophecies in Daniel or Revelation, but by opening our eyes to see God’s love in the daily events of our lives. We need to learn to see and describe our experiences of God with greater urgency — our “Aha” moments of seeing God’s passionate love for the world, seeing the Bible coming to life in day-to-day experiences.”

The Postcolonial Biblical Reader
Interested but too expensive-lah… 🙁

Cultivating the Soul
Good Bibliofile to get linked to other works

Imagining Church
Great questions … simple without being simplistic

Lecture delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Islamic University, Islamabad
I thought the venue as well as the content was noteworthy (Thanks to Jason Clark).

The Oriental Hearts and Mind Study Institute (OHMSI)
This is a is a network of individuals electronically linked to reflect, share, and exchange thoughts on core issues of mutual interest in the public space of Malaysian life (Thanks Kong Beng for the link!).

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