Taman Maluri


While driving to ppick up Elysia today .. I did a “spur of the moment” thing and swung over to my old highschool .. in fact this would be the first of the three secondary schools that become part of my journey. They’ve painted it pretty well.

They’ve built up a nicer wall and there’s so many more buildings then when i was there. When I stepped into the school we only had students from 13 -16 years old for Remove and Form 1-3. I left after form 2 when we moved to Taman Seri Muda, Shah Alam.


I have fond memories of this school … I remember playing tennis for the first time here, being the head prefect for the afternoon session and then assitant head for the morning. I still have fresh memories of praying for sick people and “evangelizing” unbelievers, and leading the Christian fellowship with my good friend Timothy.

There were of course other “less Christian” activities like being part of the chinese society, having a crush on a girl *eh-hem*, playing ping pong in the Canteen, etc. the usual high school activities. 🙂


I took the liberty to drive to my old house … well the one we rented during that time. I recall … playing badminton with my cousin, talking with a Jehovah Witnesses person, praying for my eyes to be healed for short-sighted-ness *smile*, coming home late after so called “healing training” sessions at a Pentecostal church my teacher was part of (late means 3am!).

Then there was also the time when Mom was cooking her trademark chicken and spring-rolls for a season and I was helping her out. I remember Grand-Dad (Daddy’s father) who stayed with us for a while and how hard it was for him and us. I also remember when I used to talk with May Chin on the phone for a long time 🙂 and those long bus journey’s to church (but worth it)

That was quite “fruitful” and “fascinating” three years in Taman Maluri. Those years were the “nursery” ground for leadership, faith, personal growth, maturity, and many other important aspects built inside and into me now. Sure, I messed up here and there …. but God has been gracious and redemptive in many ways.

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