Christmas Snapshots @ Home 12/24

We had a most quiet Christmas eve this year on Saturday … We had a simple dinner and stayed at home while it was raining and later drizzling that evening.

IMG_8329_opening.jpg IMG_8334_presents.jpg

The kids were “allowed” to start opening up some presents. Gareth was more excited than the observant Elysia at this stage.

IMG_8336_open.jpg IMG_8349_gk_puzzle.jpg

The whole process of opening Christmas gifts is quite fascinating .. the tearing, the unpacking, the wonder, the joy … etc. “Oohs and Aahs ..”

IMG_8361_ek_hammer.jpg IMG_8347_gk_ek_hammer.jpg

Elysia was intrigued by one of her presents … a plastic hammer! Gareth demonstrated how to use it!

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