Random Links 82

Incarnational Practices
“You are church before you do church. This is one of the fueling insights of the missional church movement. This isn’t a new idea…but it is pretty provocative, especially when one considers its implications. If we take Jesus at his word when he says (as recorded in John 20:21) “as the Father has sent me, I am sending you,” then we realize that our being sent is the basis of our “doing” church. In other words, missiology precedes ecclesiology.” well said, and now how can all this work out in practice? I think it requires patience and imagination, plus a couple of friends who will do it together …

The Effective Pastor: Managing Time, Managing Change (pdf)
I haven’t got my hard copy yet … so download-lah!

The Missional Order
great series here on a variety of topics … this sentance – “Today we have lots of Apostle figures but few Abbots. “ – made me want to read the other posts.

Brain POP (via Rich Melheim)
how studying has changed these days … then again, I did have my own good times when I was a student … with some creativity!

Haris Ibrahim interview: What theSun didn’t print
Makes me wonder about stuff that was not said or edited out in other print material đŸ™‚

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