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I really found this temporary work space I have (in the picture above) to be pretty inspirational the last two days … perhaps it’s the new surroundings, perhaps it’s the air-con (which works better than the one in the thinking room), perhaps it’s just being in our worship hall which we call the Living room and there’s an aliveness there, perhaps being in this environment connects me more with God’s presence.

I’m happy to finish my assigned readings for the Lent Meditations. I went for simplicity and honesty. Of course, being a creative person it leaked out into the way I wrote these short devotionals. I pray that those who use it will find help.

I’m also glad to have finished the BLC prayer guide with pictures and all. Sent it for printing, so looking forward to the final photostat copies. It took quite a but of work … thanks to Moh Foong for typing a big chunk of it. I think the value of the guide would actually be practicing the prayer exercises and enabling that practice without unrealistic pressure to open space for an “encounter” with God. Pray for that to happen.

Then I’m also telling myself. These past days and in this week plus next week and the other one. Three in a row will be a strange way to enter the season of LENT. i.e. Busyness. 😛

Nice to see the renovations coming to some closure. The carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow. And we’ll be fresh and ready for a weekend of seminars and worship gathering.

Walked into two Christian book stores today for a little while. Interesting contrast. One had a whole row of commentaries and Bible tools. The other only two shelves the most. One is owned by one whom would be aligned with the Malaysian Charismatic movement I think. The other would be closer to the Evangelical wing. Hmmm … made me think of the other Christian bookstores we have. I’ve got a favorite which is linked to student ministries because of the bid range of indepth theological, biblical stuff they have with good prices. I go for another one which is linked to our denomination in some way because they give me 20% discount. Then when I can’t find stuff there I’ll go to the secular bookstores. Sometimes I find surprises there.

had some good reading lately. Some heavy stuff on “postfoundationalism”. some more pastoral stuff on being a “Good Shepherd”. Lots of scripture because of the Lent mediations. Some on prayer because of the BLC prayer guide.

Cleaned the fan for mom today. Which was a little funny.

Nice to hear Elysia calling me “Papa” with a variety of tones.

Gareth and I are setting mini goals daily to arrive at school earlier.

Interesting conversation with the landlord today. From Rick Warren to Billy Graham to Norman Vincent Peale. Then there were stuff on miracles, on the Holy Spirit, on the temple next to his house, etc.

Miss a good swim alone.

Still got lots of unfinished work. Trust that I will be energized the moment I step into my temporary work space (which might become more permanent?)

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