Lent 4.1: Interlude ~ A Prayer for Lent


Ps 86.1-6

Lord, help me see You are not far away and unapproachable,
You are more than willing to help.
It’s a dangerous world I live in,
my devotion to You is constantly being challenged.
My trust and service to you is often shaky.
Extra protection would be good.

That’s why I need to call on you always.
You mercy is what I need.
I’m tempted to go elsewhere for “happiness”
when I need to see it’s right here in front of me when I am with You.
You have my best interest in mind.
You are concerned for the well being of all in this world.

I’ve messed up 101 times and I don’t want to give excuses all the time.
I’m sorry. I want to make amends this season.
Thanks for being ready to forgive and ready
to help me take steps to change.
My love for you wavers so often and yet Yours is unfailing.
Keep me connected to you, Lord. Let us not get disconnected.


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