Random Thoughts after some nice Orange Juice


I noticed that since I’m “fasting” from potato crisps, they glare at me when I’m in the supermarket. Or wherever I go, somehow … there’s a hold on me 🙂

Glad I could still make it for the LiFE Group today even though at the last moment. It was good to see the group keep going on in my absence. Thanks to important people who will give a nudge or two.

Trying to slow down a little as I key there random thoughts.

I was intrigued when i got an email today from someone who’d like totalk with me about youth ministry. Interestingly, I’m no longer a “youth pastor”, and I also do not technically have a youth ministry in our church. I’m a former youth pastor, I have spoken in youth events and I’ve tried to write for a youth version of Lent mediations, and hope to teach in a course on Spiritual formation and discipleship for youth. One thing for sure I know I’m no expert. I enjoy relating to youth and I think I can still have a pretty decent conversation with them 🙂 but success stories (by the popular standards such as big numbers and fancy programs) I do not have. I’m pretty aware of my failures and what I now see as more important stuff I want to encourage like “Real-ness” and more relational approaches, etc. Of course, I’m always happy to chit-chat!

Elysia will be having a simple birthday party tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that.

It’s going to be a packed week again 😛 I hope to have a breather by Thursday and that’s a little optimistic.

Lent started well … it’s a little bumpy now with so much on the table and the various hats I’m attempting to juggle wearing. So, there is a hunger for a slower pace and solitude .. and uninterupted times of study and prayer.

Should I sleep now? or … do something else?

The air-con is nice!

I’m thirsty.

The potatos even before they become crisps (I gather this is a UK expression) are beautiful.

Better read a little and sleep… after some more juice!


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