Lent 9.1: Just Do it!

Matthew 7.7-12

613 Rules in the Old Testament. 10 Commandments in the Book of Exodus. That’s a lot to memorize. Here Jesus gives us “a summary of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” It looks simple “Do for others what you would like them to do for you.” (Matt. 7.12) That’s not to hard to memorize. But the Christian life is not about memorizing the textbook answers or getting more stars on our shirts after the Scripture memory is successfully done. It’s about “mirroring” the kind of person our heavenly Father is. He’s into giving good gifts to those who ask him. What are the gifts we could give to the student sitting next to me in class? Or the newcomer who just joined our church? Any ideas I could give to the “others” in my life?

Jesus suggestion is helpful here. Let me try. I would like someone to listen to me and understand me. I would be happy if someone could pray for me. It would me nice to get some help once in a while (especially when exam fever is on!) I would like someone to encourage me (not flattery genuine stuff!). Let’s move on Respect, trust, patience, support, guidance (at times correction just in case I got it all wrong correction with love of course). There’s a lot here. So, Where shall we begin? “Do for others what you would like them to do for you.” Oh! I can’t “force” people to do all the above but I can start first. Where can I get some motivation to “just do it!”? Thinking about the good gifts our heavenly Father has given us is a good place to start.

Action: Be the first to volunteer to do something at home or at church this week. Then again, we don’t have to wait for opportunities to come. Think of one thing you’d like others to do for you and “just do it!” for someone else.

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