Random Thoughts while in recovery


I thought the discussion on the KJV Bible tonight at a lay preaching class was interesting.

It’s good to feel a little stronger after multiple trips to the toilet Wednesday Night and Thursday.

Reading Robert Farrar Capon again has been good. Who else can churn out stuff like this … to the question, “Have you found an effective way to present the gospel to a legalist?”

“No (laughter). The reason I say no is because all that you’re going to do is present it and shock them. If you try to do it in a winsome way, which I always do, and try to do it to show them the freedom of it, then you’ve got a chance. A small chance, not a big one, but you’ve got a chance—because, when it happens—people go, “Wow!”

and this gem .. “Pure monotheism is dangerous. The doctrine of the Trinity embraces the paradox of mutuality in God himself without violating the unity of God—because it can only be presented as a paradox and a mystery.

Paradox can take you on trips that religion can’t even buy a ticket for. God is who God is, who he reveals himself to be, not something we can reason out or come up with by some kind of logic. And from before the foundation of the world, God is both Creator and Redeemer. The incarnation of the Word stands under and upholds everything, which means we can pay attention to the restoration that is already a reality for us..”

Witnessed the reality of how one’s mind can be “colonized” today … of course, it makes me aware of my own vulnerabilities. The strange thing is how often we cannot see it ourselves.

Nice to have Gareth greet me so warmly at the door when i came home today. Saw Elysia with some dance moves too.

I think my body is slowly getting back into order … at times getting sick is the way the body is shouting for rest and healing or recuperation.

Read the whole book of Ephesians again today. Awesome. Some lightbulbs here and there like “Oh, I didn’t see this before!” I’ve always found getting the whole picture of the Biblical book so good to see the flow and glaring themes. Then of course, this process is never static isn’t it?

some of us are in the process of doing Easter meditations! I’m encouraged by the response.

Watched a bit of American Idol tonight. I always get a bit soft inside when they do those “play back” scenes.

Tonight … it dawned on me even more .. that it’s ok to be different and we don’t have to make a value judgement on that difference. We can embrace each of our journey’s because of our context and history and move on from there.

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