Random Links 91

The Stages of Faith Development
Helpful not just when considering adults but also right from infancy/childhood. This caught my attention : “Pretend play or sometimes called symbolic play gives the child an opportunity to practice the roles and behaviors of their culture. As a mother cleans at the altar after worship services, her young daughter, four years old, blesses the congregation in words and movements. It is “as if” she were the pastor. This is important play! “ Important play it is!

Vocation: The Crux of the Matter
This looks like a good article –> The climax at the end is good … “we should remember that without invocation, without inviting the Word of God into our lives, our attempts to discern our own vocation will always echo back to us our own sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Those who hear God’s summons to their own full and free being IN the need of the world are truly blessed. They live at the intersection of the vertical and the horizontal. They experience the mystery of the cross. And that…is the crux of the matter.” But, I think reading the whole piece gives a better flow.

Spiritual Formation Forum 2006
Looks inviting. again too far for me geographically.

The Theological Basis of the Christian Witness to the State (pdf)
After an email and engaging conversations with a group of “interesting” people .. I’m drawn to read this Yoder paper.

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