Num 21.4-9

God was in the process of delivering the Israelites from Egypt into the Promised Land. He took great care of them by even feeding them to ensure they would not suffer from hunger. But apparently, he provided insufficient luxuries that would satisfy their appetites and gratify their desires. Hence, they complained against God (Numbers 21.4, 5). And for their ungratefulness, they were taught a painful lesson.

God often withholds luxuries from us, for he knows the potential damage that such luxuries can cause in the life of a Christian. Materialism can kill the soul of a person. But yet, God never fails to provide for our needs, for he loves us and seeks our well-being all the time. After all, it is he who created us with his hands. But it is up to us to learn the secret of contentment in life so that we can live as people who are filled with gratitude towards God for all he has given us.

Reflection: Have you sometimes compared yourself with others and found your life wanting? Have you often taken notice of others who look physically more pleasing than yourself or who have capabilities that surpass yours? Have these thoughts sometimes caused you to complain against God? How can you exercise an attitude of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in your life?

(Meditations by Sherman)

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