Random Thoughts before the “Stations” Tonight


It’s been a while since I did random thoughts and I haven’t blogged the few series I had in mind “slow cooking”.

These are “strange times”.

Glimpses of grace here and there – very often when i least expect them.

where does our credibility in the constructive work of theology, spirituality and ministry come from in our quest towards what is “envisioned” as a better way?

My digital photo taking has decreased tremendously.

Once we step into an “unknown” circle or embrace “others” into our circle – possibilities arise and perspectives are introduced. This is part of “maturing” and “expanding”.

Living in “liminality” stretches me … much more than I could ever imagined. It’s a necessary place for me to be …

A glimpse of grace just penetrated through 2 seconds ago … when Gareth laughed at his “curry puff” hairstyle.

Elysia added on by pushing the little plastic car.

Rules of engagement make us able to “engage” meaningfully. We don’t have to speak the same lingo but understand what “lingo” we are operating in is essential.

Trying to get two kids in a small car while its pouring combined with a mini flood has been major undertakings!

Love the ways my kids sing.

May Chin is doing minor deco with both of them right now. The conversations are “ecologically” informed.

Lunch yesterday with a 42year old and a Twenty something was fun! They had Indian food – Banana leaf rice! I had dry pork noodles. They came earlier to finish up their stations of the cross.

“Stillness” is precious these days.

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