Lent 47.1: ON FOCUS

This was meant to be tomorrow’s meditation and it overlaps with Easter … Thanks Sherman for your contributions. I will close the Lent Meditations on this Holy Saturday. The Easter Meditations (for 50 days I think) have already come in and I need to wait for three more people’s submissions. Many thanks to the company of friends that has made the “Nails and Thorns” possible and are making the Easter meditations available too. ~ Sivin

This is a world characterised by many fads, frenzies, and fashion. As we journey through life, many voices seem to call for our attention, and we are bombarded daily with an unending array of choices and decisions to make and things to attend to. But this is not the way life is supposed to be for the believer who lives in the power of the resurrection of Christ. We are not supposed to live our lives in a state of unsettledness, for the ultimate work that was to be done is now already completed by Christ.

It is the power of the resurrection that enables us to live the focused life. We live not in the hope of a work that is yet to be completed, but with a confidence in a work that is finished. And because this work has been finished by Christ, who is now “seated at the right hand of God” in all victory and majesty, we are called to set our focus right. Our focus is no longer on the values and preoccupations of the current order of things, but rather, on the values and the cause of the Kingdom of God, on “things above” (Col 3.2). It sounds easy enough, but the things of this world have a greater power of attraction than we often realise.

Reflection: What are the main areas of commitment in your life? How can each of these areas of your commitments be focused on the values and the cause of the Kingdom of God?

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