Random Links 92

My DVC rant(via Stephen Shields … amazing DVC linker)
quite a refreshing different take on the matter (I mean movie … or novel). Some juicy sentences like “one of the first rules of exorcism is that you never answer the devil’s questions. … If you are going to risk your eternal soul, it should at least be over something noble and romantic and big. If you are bound to damn yourself, then at least let it be over a torrid and star-crossed love affair, or out of tragic hubris that sought know What Man Was Not Meant to Know, or over some insane and violent of country, or out of desire for titanic powers to manipulate nature or some Byronic despair over a cold world’s rejection of a Great Artiste. “ 🙂

JKA Smith on Postmodernism
Let’s see when this book will come to our shores ….

Defining Missional Church
A good one here … “A missional church is a community of God’s people who live into the imagination that they are, by their very nature, God’s missionary people living as a demonstration of what God plans to do in and for all of creation in Jesus Christ.”

The Supposed Faith of our Founding Fathers
I come from a totally different context but see similar impulses … but from an Islamic perspective?

The Catholic Luther
I couldn’t help but pause and go to the link

Great quote from Foucault
Two years ago Ididn’t even know who he was … my favorite quotes for tonight are:
“Develop action, thought, and desires by proliferation, juxtaposition, and disjunction, and not by subdivision and pyramidal hierarchization.”


“Do not become enamoured of power.

Pioneer Online Activist Dies
I’m beginning to appreciate contributions of people I never knew more these days.

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