Random Links 94

Neocalvinism . . . Maybe: A peek into my neocalvinist toolbox
This is VERY good stuff … very insightful. “…I’m inclined to express my reservations with neocalvinism in terms of user-error. In other words, I’m starting to think that the problem isn’t neocalvinism, but neocalvinists! And perhaps I have less problems with the neocalvinist toolbox and more a concern about the ends to which neocalvinist users employ these tools—particularly when they start suggesting that this is the only faithful way to use the tools.”

Role of Apologetics
some reflections on apologetics bubbling in Malaysia:-)

How To Speak And Write Postmodern
This made me laugh … ” let’s imagine you want to say something like, “We should listen to the views of people outside of Western society in order to learn about the cultural biases that affect us.” This is honest but dull. Take the word “views.” Postmodernspeak would change that to “voices,” or better, “vocalities” or even better, “multivocalities.” Add an adjective like “intertextual,” and you’re covered. “People outside” is also too plain. How about “postcolonial others”?”

In praise of SLOW
This is good for those who are too FAST: “The SLOW movement is not about being lazy, being boring, having no life, being a technophobe, or checking out of the world. It’s about making use of speed when it serves you well, but maintaining an inner poise that refuses to let your soul be rushed through life. The Slow movement is not against speed when you need it, it’s against speed for the sake of speed. “

Malaysia warns Myanmar against move on opposition
We talked about Myanmar refugees, politics, and the state of the nation after our worship practice last night. Sobering .. but we seriously prayed.

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