I like “Sunday School”


Gareth told me last Sunday how he liked going to “sunday school” (it’s hard to change our terminology – but what happens there is more important than ther labels). He mentioned a parable he was learning on the Good Samaritan – there was a more dramatic moment when he hinted at the robbers! Anyway, as a father (and not just pastor of BLC), his joyful smile here moves me. And I agree FULLY with Mama Sigrun’s post below On Fire for Christ. The BLC Sunday school team are an awesome bunch! I’m so thankful for them as a father … and also as the pastor.

“I seldom join the Sunday School fun, but was quite humbled upon doing so on Sunday. Takeshi was stringing tunes from his guitar and Vicky led the singing.

I did not find an angelic choir of cherubs in the room; no, it was a bit like a taming process of wild stock. I certainly want to applaud every single member serving our Sunday School kids. Their love and commitment is something I am very thankful for, yet I have not properly conveyed this to them. Every bit of Sunday Scool teacher energy output in this room is to the glory of God.

May God empower and equip us all with the love and guidance required to shepherd these young lives in the right direction. May our childrens’ hearts be pierced so that they might be bright lights for God’s Kingdom.

Love from the mothers of the rugrats-
Sigrun Berry 🙂

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