Random Thoughts after Wedding Rehearsal


I’ve always treasured every time I hear those vows spoken (in this case practised) by the couple. During a conversation today, I mentioned that often it’s what we have said in these vows that carry us through rough patches.

Saying them slower helps to allow the words and phrases to settle in the heart. Anyway this will be my first wedding for this year. The big day is next saturday… I shall be in my white jedi robes!

wow … when there’s no air-conditioning it’s really warm. We are so pampered then again why can’t we have air-conditioning during the rehearsal. People do pay a substantial amount for the rental of the church hall on that day. Hmmm … I’m trying to understand.

Managed to do more reading the last two days and it has been good stuff. It’s been some time since I’ve put up what I’ve been reading :-0

There’s a party downstairs at the pool .. they seem to be having a great time.

I get tired easily … better get back to swimming ASAP.

taking the Komuter train has been nice these days. I can read. It’s dangerous to read when I’m driving!

The next three weeks is going to be CRAZY. Help Lord, I need extra grace and strength.

I don’t even have much energy to blog …

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