Random Thoughts in between Football matches

I symphatize with Japan but the Socceroos made an amazing comeback! AUSTRALIA 3-1 JAPAN

It’s nice to have the whole day with Gareth today. There were some “Hi’s” and “Low’s”. We had a good afternoon nap. Both of us needed it!

Elysia’s got some new vocab today!

I got two calls today … both aren’t “great news” (in fact it could be defined as “bad news”). My prayer is for “good news” to emerge …

Haven’t got back the Blogging rhythm back. Some one asked me where have I been? 🙂 I’m slowly coming back.

Interesting “breakfast” conversation this morning reflecting on some “phenomena” in our Malaysian Christianity especially in the youth scene. How does one deal with a kind of “over-aggresive” display of one kind of spirituality over other forms? And if one doesn’t go with the “flow”, what’s the price? losing friends? Then why is our friendship based on whether we go with “one kind of flow” compared to giving the freedom and respect for us to express our spirituality in a different form or flow? I thought our friendship to one another is based on our common friendship to Jesus right? Of course, right now I’m thinking in a interdenominational context.

Random thoughts flowing here …

Then again … I might need to pause here … help Gareth sleep first.

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