Random Thoughts after a decent Swim!


I don’t want to live my life defined by the word “busy” – and turn into a mad man. I’m already crazy enough …

It’s funny 🙂 after I got out of the pool it rained. Spent a decent 20minutes swimming finally after talking about it for dont know how long. I notice the difference in my breathing.

It’s strange how interconnected the emotions are with the physical body and how a simple exercise allows for not just relief but refreshing. My brain juices are bubbling a little bit better. We shall see how the spiritual effects are … there is a sense of spaciousness.

I confess I’m not a highly rationalistic kind of person and all these non-rational or beyond rational elements are important to my personal well-being which includes my theology, spirituality and ministry posture.

I moving back into a more rhythmic reading cycle again which is good news.

The “silent prayer” time this morning especially meditating on the Gospel text for this week opened up many aspects I missed. Even though use a variety of readings for my times of solitude and journaling, the revised common lectionary has become not only my resource for preaching but more intimately for my personal spiritual growth.

I enjoy a lot when I have the chance to share how returning to many of the ancient spiritual practices or disciplines has “saved” my “walk” with God – in fact, it has freed me to “dance” 🙂 Of course, I do get strange looks sometimes. Hmm ….

Tonight, I have the chance to “facilitate” some space and conversations for a group of faithful servants who’ve been working faithfully for young people. I don’t have many answers or fantastic insights for them (hope they won’t be disappointed with me *smile*). But, I do hope to create an environement where we could be grateful, lament if necessary, be open to listen and ready to respond appropriately. I’m sure we’ll have time to talk about stuff and reflect deeper about our ministries but God … we need you in all this – we are so “human-centred” (in the name of relevance and sensitivity). Lord have mercy.

Wow. .. the effects of swimming is kicking in very well. The rain outside and a little thunder is a welcome presence.

Time to go … through the traffic …. through more traffic … Got an idea to redeem the time. Let’s see whether there are batteries 😛

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