Random Thoughts after seminars, camp, and dinner


Good to be part of the Infectious Faith Camp organized by the Fellowship of evangelical students, Malaysia. I should have been there for the whole three days. But due to “unforeseen” circumstances which I hope to foresee and avoid in the future, I could manage to be there one night and the last morning. Thankfully, the staff was able to accomodate my “scheduling” difficulty.

It always encouraging to see varsity students who are serious with their Christian faith and involved through the interdenominational Christian Fellowships in their campuses.

It was great to see some familiar faces, find out new links who are actually linked with people I already know or events of the pass, and a wonderful time of conversation with a young man whom I see great potential and authenticity in his faith and future (actually there were many small talks like this). I feel sudden surges of hope after hanging out with them. This is good for an older me.


Before the camp, I spent almost a full 8 hours of listening, and being the MC for the Chinese Bonhoeffer seminar co-organized by one of our Lutheran congregations with the denomination.

It was encouraging to see about 100 people interested in the subject matter, and I appreciated some very constructive questions and comments from the floor. Dr Samuel Chiow who was the speaker provided a good introduction and some more in depth presentations based on themes found in Bonhoffer’s two books, “The cost of discipleship” and “Life together”.

Earlier on Friday, I spent time translating a half day seminar for pastors and leaders for Dr Samuel Chiow on the Theological and historical perspectives of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. Which was tiring physically, but as we were moving through names, events and comments on the first wave, second wave and third wave … many memories were evoked for me here and there.

I was actually encouraged by the participation of the pastors who were present as well as the lay leaders who came. I think this is a good sign for our denomination at least in the KL and Selangor Districts. I hope the learning culture of our leaders and congregations will move towards greater health and maturity.


One of the things I miss is my digital camera. If not I would have added a picture of our LiFE Group dinner and discussion today. In short, I had a good time catching up with people and the swim did us much good.

I was delighted with Janell (one of the 3 year old kids) in our group had a mini breakthrough in overcoming her fear of water which was fantastic. I’m thoroughly delighted to play some part in the process. It brings me such joy.

Gareth and Elysia as usual had a great time!

We managed to fix some contours for the LiFe Group which was a good thing. The food was good and of course the “fellowship” or interaction-conversations were good as well.

Another thing I should say. I genuinely missed worshipping with the BLC community today.

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