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I must say that at first I wasn’t “angry” or “upset” – I was troubled and concerned by the Java Tsunami . But after coming home and seeing the front page of one of our leading papers (whom is tagged as the People’s paper) put the story of two people (celebrities) getting married, and a little section on top on Nude squat victim seeks compensation and just one line hinting on the Java Tsunami. I’m REALLY upset (to put it mildly) and _______________ (fill in the blanks with your imagination). Something is wrong somewhere. Sure there was some reports inside the paper. But, the frontpage is to SHOUT to people to pay attention to a particular news. News that we should be concerned about. Am I missing something here?

I was on the phone with someone who honestly confessed that he was unaware of the tragedy in Indonesia. It came to my attention because of a short “breaking news” segment last night. And then, I followed it on Google News But for someone who might be depending on the above mentioned paper for news (at least headlines) then the chances one to “feel” the impact was less or almost none existent. I wonder what was going on in people’s heads and hearts whom had the power to decide what is supposed to catch people’s attention to buy the paper this morning. What went on in the meeting room?

At least the other mainstream Chinese paper splashed the whole event on the front page. It at least shouted, “hey! This tragedy has happened in our neighboring country!” The other paper mentioned above shouted out, “Hey! Look at this happy couple!”. I wish the couple well … but where is our priority in terms of news reporting here. My respect for such journalistic decisions has hit a new low.

somehow, my thoughts here may be random but is revolving around the same theme. hmmm ….

Only last Saturday, I was moved when I heard a journalist stand up to share and ask questions about how to integrate her faith with her role as a journalist. While there is a struggle, I respect and admire the honesty in her questions and the implicit desire to “do something about it.” and move towards some form of integration. We need more people like her. We need to affirm those who are “working these issues out”!

I’ve been challenged lately by reading stuff written by new friends whom I find perceptive and reflective which makes me think and moves my heart and motivates me for action (whether big or small steps). And thus, I feel journalist or writers or editors (anyone involved in “communications” of some sort) play such an important role – a responsible role – in presenting news or views. The issue at hand is not whether we agree or not with what they write. I’m disappointed with what I saw today. I hope tomorrow things will be better … I wish (can I only wish now) that those who are sitting behind the computer screen to write or the desk to decide would raise the standards for the medium which is part of our daily reading diet. It starts with what we want people to notice first thing in the morning when they pick up the papers!

I seldom blog like this. But this is really bugging me. I confess I’m not a saint (existentially), I’m only human .. and very much a sinner still. If I offend anyone with anything I’ve written above, I can only say … I’m upset right now. I don’t want to play nice and deny my feelings.

Perhaps taking a bath now will cool me off . Maybe. Ok I’ll throw in a prayer – a lament …

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