Random Links 103

Disappointment with the Star
I was a little surprised and yet not suprised my slightly edited version of my complaint post got “published” and will be on for 30 days! I suppose they are listening?

World eBook Fair
May Chin would be very happy for me because it’s FREE! Download away!

Islam in Southeast Asia
tea time reading?

The Original Folk
“… you are but a newcomer into a world that was occupied and lived in thousands of years ago by this humble group of people,the forgotten of Malaysia.” Well said.

more in depth understanding! a first step?

A Growing Environment
putting the focus on where it matters more and most!

Ted Engstrom and how we all need Gandalfs
Yes, Dan I fully agree and I’m so thankful for the “Gandalfs” in my life –> “The danger is we are so caught up in the here and now, we don’t look to those who have walked before us and the wisdom they have.”

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