I Don’t Know

“BILL MOYERS: And so the– in your life, there has not really been then a deep conflict between faith and reason.

SIR JOHN HOUGHTON: No, not a deep conflict. No. I’ve– I’ve recognized the potential for conflict. I’ve recognized those areas which are– which I can’t resolve. But then I also think, you know, one of the most important statements you can make as a scientist are: I don’t know. One of the most important statements you should be prepared to make as a believer is: I don’t know.

And too many people don’t want to say: I don’t know. Because there are– you know, we’re just human beings. Knowledge is very limited. And to say you don’t know is a very– very proper scientific statement. You may know sometime. But I don’t know now. And– and the same is true in the having of your faith. There are lots of things I don’t know. And I have to remain ignorant. Or I agnostic whatever it may be, because I don’t know. And there are too many theologians and too many people out there who say, “I know,” when there’s no right to say that. ” ~ Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason (Interview with Sir John Houghton)

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