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Open Forum with Lauren Winner – Real Sex: The Truth About Chastity (mp3)
I thoroughly enjoyed the frankness and sensibility of her sharing. Sex doesn’t have to be a taboo topic, it can be one which leads to a fresh view on our body especially in relation to God.

Open Forum with N.T. Wright – Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense (mp3)
This was the second podcast I hear from Open Forum (many thanks to City Church of San Francisco for making them available). For Christians, What is the alternative if we decide to put aside formulaic evangelistic techniques or over-rationalistic flavoured apologetics? For those who are exploring or even skeptical, what if you don’t want to be talked down or disrespected but want to hear what the Christian faith simply means? Bishop Wright’s model & presentation here is one I recommend.

Jesus — the Radical Servant Messiah
Dr. Harry Wendt from Crossways International is an amazing and insightful teacher! He modeled to me how to translate the heavy scholarly stuff to a local church context teaching situation. Interesting reflection: “During that first round of theological studies, the focus was on systematic theology, correct doctrine, the Lutheran Confessions, and Law/Gospel from a Lutheran perspective. I remain grateful to those who taught me these things. They are indeed very important. However, I regret that we devoted little time to grappling with the Bible’s “big story.” Yes—we referred to it. But we tended to impose our theological system on the biblical narrative. We did not really grapple with the Bible’s “big story.” We instructed it. Furthermore, although we devoted much time to developing preaching skills, we devoted little time to developing teaching skills.”

Disagreeing With, Yet Appreciating, The Society
Food for thought here and self-examination: “The skepticism and criticism come from the general nature of such groups. Reform movements tend to believe that they have a stronger hold on a particular truth, and that the broader tradition or denomination is falling into apostasy. Such a perspective smacks of elitism, and their efforts often appear as ideologically-driven and divisive rather than mutually-affirming and collegial.”

Scot McKnight Interview
I follow Scot’s blog daily … nice to see him in an interview mode. Some gems here:

“… more in the Academy need to begin writing for the Church – which means for lay people. Where people can understand it and be shaped by what they read.

… The emerging movement is so varied that I would say your suggestion is “one way” to move forward. I think we will see an increasing number who are less affiliated with a local church and more affiliated with like-minded Christians who have a missional direction in a local community. Church as we know will change.

… prayer, worship, Bible reading and personal communion with God and the Church need to be at the core of all Christian scholarship. Pray daily. And don’t worry what scholars think about you; worry about what God and your local community thinks.”

Critically self aware
Great quote here… “”The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” ~ Nathaniel Branden

apostasy, perseverance, and theological boundaries
something closer to some current realities.

Practicing Restraint
I shall practice this now. This is my last link for today ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, this is so true: “Restraint isn’t usually seen as a leadership virtue, especially today, when headlong action is typically rewarded. But doing something isn’t very difficult. Doing the right thing (and knowing what that is) is far harder. “

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