2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast (Recorded)

Thanks DJ for offering us his recorded conversations. I think this is a good example of what the emergent conversation is about from our “limited points of view”.

Here’s the downloads for part 1 (mp3) & part 2 (mp3).

There were some “robotic sounding” moments perhaps because of the internet connection (mostly when I was speaking *grin*). Listening through the conversation again was helpful because I think I did miss some of it here and there (must get a better quality headphone/mic)

I resonate with what DJ is saying here:

“I felt good that I’m no longer the only Asian face interested in the emergent conversation. It’s also fascinating to hear how the emerging church conversation in Malaysia started up and has many similarities (far as I know) to how it started in the US. It really is best labeled as a conversation.”

And the closing comment by Tim Liu (sorry I missed linking you in the last post) is great supper for thought tonight.

“In my experience, AsAm churches tend to be even more conservative in terms of practice than American churches. They tend to be slower to adapt to changes and are rarely forerunners in ministry innovation. Many people (such as Dan Kimball) see the emerging church as a response to the contemporary worship movement. But in my (Chinese) church, we are barely contemporary. We still have those who feel that drums are of the devil. So I think the Asian churches maybe just need more time to catch up. Also, I wonder if anyone else notices the overlaps between the postmodern culture and the Eastern/Asian worldview? For example, preaching in narrative and in non-linear flow of thought is normal for Asians. When I preach to the 1st genearation adults in my church, they love to hear stories and narrative. Its already part of how they communicate. Another example is the emphasis on community and relationships in the Emerging church. Its already is a central part of asian culture. So in a lot of ways, I could see the AsAm church very welcoming to some aspects of the emerging church if it is presented in the right way.”

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