2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast

Thanks to DJ Chuang for inviting me to 2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast. As you can see my “link” to the conversation was due to the words “Asian” and “Emergent”. But more importantly, because DJ Chuang and I have been in touch with each other for some time. So, at heart it’s this friendship that opened up this possibility.

Nice to hear and get to know new people (All in the USA): David Park, Ben Pun and Peter Ong. I thoroughly enjoyed it when they were talking about how this whole emergent conversation connects or has nuances in relation to the Asian American Church context. In many ways, some of the issues are similar to where I am at or what I’m hearing bow in my interaction with Young Adults and College Kids 🙂 My hope is that they can contribute in some way to the wider conversation specifically through emergent village which would be an interesting dynamic. While some of us are figuring out how all this relates globally through Amahoro

Overall this is my first experience of doing a Skypecast. And within the limits (as well as the possibilities) of internet technology, I found it an enriching experience – especially to connect with others.

I’m looking forward to see/hear how the Mp3 come out when DJ is done with it 🙂

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