Grace at Cameron 2006 – Our Children

I think it’s good to resume the “Grace at Cameron” series – starting with “our children”. I purposely put “our” because as I compiled the pictures of the children during the retreat – I felt the urge to include under “our” children the Orang Asli kids. The whole point is to remind me not to think in a “us/them” category.

My time with the kids at the retreat especially keeping an eye on them during the sessions were fun overall (with mini-frustrations). Keeping them occupied is one thing, handling mini-crisises is a no. 1 challenge. Parents were very understanding and supportive at the camp or which I’m most grateful. Listening to their conversations (I mean the kids) have been most humorous and enriching. Sorting out conflicts is no easy task. The rereshment times with grape juice and biscuits made everyone happy. We drew loads of pictures, read some books, watched a DVD (thanks to Moh Foong’s notebook), observed together the intrusion o a small “leech” making it’s way at the living room we were in (with lots o excitement!) … all in all it was Fun. I got to know them a little better too.

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