Overwhelmed by Joy

[Overwhelmed by Joy (Video)]

It’s been a wonderful week for Gareth .. the build up began when we was packing the small presents to give away to his kindergarten mates on Friday. I noticed how he was “overwhelmed” when all his school mates sang the birthday song. Gareth is a tender boy …

Then on Saturday night, we went out for dinner at Nando’s Chicken – which was a simple affair .. but the climax was this morning … The “Thomas the Train” Cake by Amazing Aunty Adeline was really awesome (She’s been such a gift to our community – more than just her wonderful cakes of course!). It was great since both of our birthdays fell on sunday this year .. so it’s been a double blessing for the Kit family.

Growing up to be 4 years is a big step for a little boy. It’s a pity that his Grandma and Grandpa Long aren’t around because they are in UK for a visit. And I know Gareth misses Grandpa Long a lot (May Chin’s Dad). I remember having very memorable birthday celebrations as a child. That was one gift I received from my parents … it’s one gift we want to share with our kids. I’m overwhelmed by this joy too … the joy of sharing in Gareth’s joy …

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