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Duane Shank on the Amish School Shootings: The power of faith, the strength of community
A sister shared during our prayer breakfast last Sunday how reading the response of the Amish community on this tragedy moved her and as she shared I “repented” how often I’ve used “Amish” stereotyped ways. They know the way of Christ in ways I don’t.

Faces of innovation: the Storyteller
“… now stories are making a comeback. And that’s a very good thing.” I agree. I would also agree with the take communion often bit!

Letters to Christians in the U.S.A.
Three cheers for Reuben our rep 🙂

the church and postmodern culture: conversation
This is the place to go for those who seriously want to find out how Christians are engaging all things “postmodern”.

The Postmodern Postmortem (An Asian Construction of a Generous Orthodoxy)
was reminded of this older post my friend Sherman wrote which is a sample of how one Asian is thinking about these matters 🙂

A Letter from the Heart
“… look at Jesus over and over. For the time being, you may have to drop debates about women and about Calvinism, and you may have to drop the OT laws as well for awhile until a more suitable time. But, whatever you do, sit down with the Gospel of Mark or John and just watch Jesus move and talk and relate and go about his business and you will see why it is that Kris and I keep going back. He’s inestimable. That’s what you find when you open yourself up to him as he makes himself known through the Gospels”. I find this to be so TRUE for me as well …

Pews, Pulpits, Pastors, Preaching and other things that can get in the way of the church “being” the church
“What “fruit” do our churches produce?” good question! This is a good post from the perspective of the “leaders”, I’d want to include “people” when we reflect on these matters together on “level” ground.

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