Random Thoughts After Taiping Trip

[The picture above was taken in April 8, 2005] exactly one month after Elysia was born … celebrating her “full moon”]

How time flies … it’s been quite a while since we managed to have a family holiday trip away. The last time we wanted to go to Taiping … it didn’t work out because Gareth was not well and perhaps we were also over exhausted.

We made it this time. 🙂

Great to manage to finally set up the wireless for the desktop after a long wait.

Found the photo above – in 2005. How young we were as a young family with the arrival of Elysia the second one! Gareth still has that cheeky smile. Elysia didn’t sleep through the journey back today. She was busy “debriefing” with Mummy who was driving the second half of the highway while the boys snoozed at the back 🙂

[the whole blog post paused for the whole night when I tried to put Elysia to sleep … Mummy came to the rescue later … then it was putting Gareth to sleep which was easier .. and Mummy went for her favorite TV series …]

it’s a good morning … hoping to sort out desktop Windows updates 🙁

Time is short … there’s stuff to finalize before I head of to Germany next week .. which is exciting and yet I will miss my family a lot. There BLC work which needs to be sorted out , planned and delegated. There’s denominational work which will need to be completed as much as possible. Reports to be written, phonecalls to be made, some important visits, and a few appointments all lined up.

And yet I’m still in “holiday mood” for this “Hari Raya” season.

Great to see the kids happily eating breakfast right now. 🙂

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