Catching Up before Sleep

it’s been a full day since the 8.15am devotion until now .. which is about 10:17pm. We arrived back at about slightly after 8pm. It was a full and fruitful day which I will share after I allow for some “catching up” – similar to lots of things in life … the need for this is crucial because we are so tempted to move on to the next agenda on the list before allowing our “souls” to catch up with our “bodies.”


It was good to manage to do a Skype Video conference with May Chin last night. I had to “google talk” a friend into calling May Chin to be online (thanks sister “eve’s daughter” for helping). Talking about the missing luggage made me wonder whether I had a self-fulfilling prophecy or whether I have “six sense” or whatever because it REALLY happened as I was concerned about delayed luggage. Thank God it arrived just before dinner last night! 🙂


This picture and this look reminds me of one of my own photos in the airport where (I think) I sent off my Dad for further studies in UK. What I remembered significantly was when Gareth cried as I stepped toward the lift to get on the train to KLIA. Glad he was ok later. He asked me about the missing luggage yesterday, it was nice to be “cared for” by Gareth.

I think I need to sleep now. More to catch up .. but the body is crying out for some rest. I will respond to that cry now.

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