Quiet Thoughts before I pack again…


The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines were kind enough to pay me 70Euro for my damaged bag. So, it was good to get this new one for a “fair” price according to my new German pastor friend Thomas Hofmann when we were in Lauf town centre.

Today was supposed to be a day off … and in the morning I managed to catch up with some blogging. But from the lunch onwards, it was a delightful time for interviews, conversations and a dinner appointment. One was planned earlier. Two were confirmed when last week and yesterday.

I enjoyed the interview because it gave me a chance to respond to questions, clarify points of “muddle-ness”, think about areas I didn’t notice, and one thing I realize is how much of an “oral” communicator I am. It’s so much easier for me to be in an interview than writing an article (I’m a little sad now because I couldn’t get into completing one today – that’s another story).

It was also good to reflect once again on my journey as a pastor and especially since re-starting Bangsar Lutheran Church with a group of friends. Then since being in our denomination EXCO and serving as the Education chairman I felt I could talk more intelligently about the wider church we are part of. ( I’m surprised we have a new website design! But it’s still very much work in progress)

The conversations on the wider church and Christianity in Malaysia further stretches my understanding of the socio-cultural-political and religious climate of our context. It’s easy to slip into a simplistic black and white mode. But to share with nuance and honestly as well as a sense of the dynamism which we are going through was quite an experience. There is much to be grateful for. And there’s a lot we need to be watchful.

I’m eating well. Sleeping ok … and preparing for colder weather as the days progresses. It’s harder to predict how other locations will be like. But I’ve been forewarned. I’m not sure whether I’ve put on weight (which is a concern especially to my wife!). I must say the potatoes have been good .. sausages are excellent, meat is yummy … Salad is a daily affair, drank quite a bit of coffee … the little beer and wine I’ve had thus far has been tasteful 🙂

and now it’s time to pack for the next week or more … waking up early to take a train tomorrow. Guten Abend …


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