Warm Faith at Roßtal

I’m at Bayreuth right now but the updates are slow unless I have internet access like now. There has been many activities both formal and informal which has kept me busy. All of them serving a a new “text” for me to reflect on my own “context” and prayerfully in time a “renewed text” or script will emerge as I consider what it means to be a Christian “Glocally”.

A quick remark on some amazing women I met at a small village at Roßtal on November 7 Tuesday.

What impressed me most was their faithfulness meeting together for at least 20 years with a focus on being aware on missions overseas (esp. Africa and Papa New Guinea) and contributing with their efforts in raising funds as well. They always have visiting guests from overseas and it was their first time having a Malaysian pastor 🙂 And they said it was nice to have a younger pastor too .. heheh

Mrs. Ultscht and her husband was kind to treat me with a typical German supper which is cold meat, cheese and bread 🙂 and the evening was at a church room with a group of ladies who were full of energy and inquisitiveness. the atmosphere was even livelier than the pastors meeting earlier in the afternoon. The “energy” level was high that evening and contagious for me. At first, I was a little tired after a whole day of traveling and meetings but when you have a bunch of women with such “warm faith” towards God, and his mission in our world – what else can you do but get “boosted” up.

The rapid fire questions and comments were a delight to interact with. And while it’s easy to always focus on the declining influence of Christianity in Europe or the diminishing membership in churches, I think it’s important not to forget the stories sof humble unnamed women like them who have been faithful in their own way towards the Gospel. These stories are communicated less to the wider world where we tend to focus on the dramatic. As far as I was concerned, the power of the Spirit was present on all of us that night .. and it was a “revival” meeting as far as I understand it.

Perhaps the last 6 years, God has been reshaping a lot of my perspectives and paradigms. And suddenly, it’s a wonderful to be able to “See” things I previously would have not noticed. And especially in an age where mostly “younger” people are uplifted in terms of mission or church work, I think we must equally appreciate those who have gone before us and serving to a ripe old age.

So, Prost! (Cheers!) to all the women in this group in Roßtal! Your warm faith has been a blessing in our cold world!

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