Food & Beverages… thus far!

The hosts in Germany have been very kind to me .. exposing me to the variety of Bavarian specialties ….

IMG_4236_dinner.jpg IMG_4292_helmreich_special.jpg

often we eat at home ….


I had some snacks in my room, and Malaysian Maggi Mee just in case 😛

IMG_4304_sivin_fusion.jpg IMG_4322_breakfast.jpg

I did my own fushion once *smile* and have grown used to the more normal German breakfast …

IMG_4347_nuremburg_special.jpg IMG_4356_rostal_dinner.jpg

Sausages are yummy here … (and this comment is coming from me –> a grandson of a butcher).

and .. Sauerkraut. is quite an experience!

The cold meat, bread and cheese evenings were interesting.

IMG_4386_curry_turkey.jpg IMG_4397_lauf_beer.jpg

at times I’d be surprised by German versions of curry turkey!

IMG_4489_biscuits.jpg IMG_4494_lauf_breakfast.jpg

Pre-Christmas Chocolate cookies!

IMG_4525_sausages.jpg IMG_4526_sausages.jpg

Sausages again! Yummy!


simple dinner …


a special treat was this lamb dish … Oh my … I’m speechless!


Many Germans like sweet things … ice cream in autumn was fun!


I even had Mexican food one evening … El Paso!


Bread, cheese, coffee was a breakfast norm …

IMG_4954_birthday_snacks.jpg IMG_4957_fantastic_cheese_cake.jpg

Had an interesting snack at a birthday party of a 70 year old lady! The Cheese cake was “heavenly”!


The last supper on Saturday last week .. was a nice homecooked meal.

IMG_5100_beer_neuendettlesau.jpg IMG_5101_chn_noodles.jpg

I yielded to the temptation to try a noodle dish at the ONLY Chinese restaurant. This is the only meal I paid for myself … thus far apart from some snacks. As I said the hosts has been generous and kind to my “growing” body!


And of course, the wine has been great and the beer incomparable with what we have in Malaysia … I was introduced to “healthy” beer 🙂 Prost! Cheers!

and .. one more week of German food!

(Note: this post is not an accurate portrayal of the “total program” which I’m part of … but these were delightful interludes! *grin*)

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