Quick Thoughts in the Room 312 Bed

IMG_4905_tauperlitz_bed.jpg IMG_5109_room_312_bed.jpg

It’s nice to be back after sleeping in another bed for two days. Now, I’m back to where I started November 2. How time flies. It’s one more week left in Germany.

I found myself tickled when I was arranging some pictures of some of the food and beverages I’ve had thus far. There’s been work of course, but there has also been some good food. 🙂

This morning was meant to be a Day of remembrance for those who died in the war as well as those who died the past years. My morning started with a dose of reality when I got an SMS news about the passing of a friends mother. Lord have mercy.

The autumn I have experienced thus far has been kind to me according to all the Germans I’ve talked thus far. It’s been a little warmer and sunnier than usual. They say I brought the sun with me 🙂 maybe I might see snow before I leave? I did see snow when i arrived. That would be a nice way to sandwich my trip.

Ah! I can’t help but wonder about my shorter connecting flight schedule and the transit period (especially hoping the luggage won’t be delayed again!)

Tomorrow is supposed to start with a day off … well, looks like a day of travel too. Munich (or at least near to Munich) here I come.

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