[Quick View at Zugspitze video]

At 2,962 m (9,718 feet), the Zugspitze was one place I’m glad I could visit today with Manfred Kurth as my guide (official website here). After being here for 22 Days around various places in Bavaria from North to South, finally I had a “REAL” initiation to winter weather at -3 degrees celsius at the peak 🙂 But then the wind blew the cold cut into my skin. It was a challenge holding the camera and taking a quick video above. I’m glad I got the extra clothing I needed from Manfred and had this little cute cap from Papa New Guinea to cover my head and ears:-)

I admit I was amazed at how fast the cable car pulled us up to the peak. It was nice seeing people skiing (I’m really lousy at it so I was satisfied just being there and taking lots of pictures!). And I loved to see the beautiful scenery and touch snow (ok! I’m a kid at heart *grin*)

I was surprised to see a chapel and was told by Manfred perhaps it was built to remember some people who died in an avalanche years ago. As we were trying to get down he took a video of me. Nice to be on the other end of the camera, I looked and felt like a fat man trying to get down with leather shoes in soft snow.

The weather was good today and it was good to have a break. I’m looking forward to complete my time here in Germany and return home next Monday. There are still at least three more assignments to do – with tomorrow’s religious education classes, and then speaking at a youth camp, and closing with speaking at a Sunday service in Lauf. So, this little breather (even in a place with thinner air) was much appreciated.

[Sivin in the Snow Video]

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