Random Links 124

Second New Leader Resigns From the Christian Coalition
It was nice to have a roommate for a couple of days who’s on staff in Joel Hunter’s church. My vote is with Hunter’s concerns and his statement reflects he in touch with many younger USAmericans I’ve met, “”I hope we can break out of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative.’ I’m not sure when compassion became fitted under ‘liberal,’ ” he said. “There are many Christians, especially in their twenties and thirties, who don’t care about liberal and conservative. They just see that if you’re going to love your neighbor, you have to address things like the environment.”

Pope makes Turkish mosque visit
From a Western perspective.

Turks make peace with the Pope
From an Eastern perspective.

Zainah Anwar on Friday: Listen to cries of the silent majority
I hope those with a “divisive agenda” will take her words seriously and back off from unhelpful steps which hurt our country… and for those who desire “national unity” in the best sense of the word beyond cliché will take steps to constructively move the nation forward in maturity. As far as this observation is concerned, I think all Malaysians can play a part: “In the worst of times, the best of times can emerge. I am hearing many stories of Malaysians thinking and planning all kinds of actions to foster better inter-ethnic and inter-religious understanding, in small and big ways.”

Microsoft: ‘64% of Malaysian bloggers are female’
Ok so I’m a minority in this too!

Democracy and the Muslim World
It seems former Malaysian deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim is still someone to watch in our Malaysian scene.

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