Random Thoughts before I sleep

I’m pretty tired overall … the last week has been full of adventure, many Hi’s and Low’s and unexpected events. Some energizing , others worrying, all in all I survived.

I’m amazed how there are people that can easily blurt out unsubstantiated opinions and declare them as facts. Lord have mercy.

Why is it that we can’t be “free” and “open” with each other? The reality is that context rules in situations like these. The ideal is everyone is loving and accepting. But sadly this is not often the case and we feel like we are walking on glass.

I’m so thankful for friends … friends who come and support plus give 101% on especially the upcoming event with Brian McLaren. I’m recalling with much fun my experience learning from an award winning copy writer … the brief discussions on the phone talking about the values we want to display for the brochure and being delightfully surprised by the designs .. it felt wonderful when almost the invited conversation partners and facilitators said “Yes! Yes ! Yes!”. It’s heartwarming when you can pick up a phone and call a friends and say … “Could you help? or do you know anyone who can?” and what you get is a warm reception (not a cold shoulder) and better still ways forward!

Friends … 🙂 changgih!

sad … happy … relieved .. tired … glad … blur … calm …

focus .. discernment … discipline … persuasion … appeal … freedom

Be still …

there’s a lot of anger and frustration in the air … there’s a lot of lostness partly because we insist on our own ways … many have low self-awareness partly because we are already too driven … others don’t ask the right people and rework our questions … it takes quite a different way of thinking and a unique attitude to not get stuck in a rut (or in the mud)

need some pause …

desire time to journal …

I enjoyed reading the “Big Ten” (10 commandments) again . and again and again .. not to memorize but to go deeper.

I walked through the Lord’s prayer again .. and shared them with group of students at university. I saw some tears of genuine heart cry … I felt the move of the Spirit…

It’s not about having positive thinking … it’s about hope

it’s not about presumption … it’s about faith …

it’s not about being soft .. it’s about love.

Good nite

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