Friends 2007: Christian Today Reports …

Again thanks to Jaime whom I believe made many new needed contacts through this event gives her report on the event here in Influential Speaker Brian McLaren Engages with Local Christian Leaders. Here’s some excerpts:

“Approximately 140 Christians from different denominations and age groups participated in the event, and they indeed demonstrated unity among Malaysian Christians throughout the event.

The conversation has not only provided the opportunity for Christians from different denominations and fields of ministry to hold open discussions on specified topics, but also has enlightened the young minds of many participants, who were mostly in their 20s or 30s, on the viewpoint of their Christians leaders.”

I was delighted to see a substantial young presence for the event. But I was even more humbled to see numerous senior leaders of the Malaysian church present. I think this serves as a great encouragement for us.

“The speaker, McLaren was also very encouraged from the conversations he had with the local Christian leaders.

“I think it [the conversation] has gone very well. I like the way that this being set up. For me having such conversations in Malaysia, I learned so much,” McLaren told Christian Today after the event.”

I’m glad the event provided a chance for a more mutual two way learning process. I believe this kind of conversation is what we need today and towards the future.

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