I’m hearing these Voices …

The Truth Of The Matter
It’s statements like this that makes me see how Haris Ibrahim views the state of our nation and makes me re-look at how I respond :

“I am against the ‘Islamisation’ that we see

happening in our country.

I am not against Islam.

It is simply that, in my view, the ‘Islamisation’

that we see taking place offends the Islam

that I have come to understand from the

Holy Qur’an.” “

I read his post Why?! and wondered how the lawyers whom I know are Christians would answer the question.

Article 11: The Federal Constitution: Protection for All
Very informative and resourceful website on an issue which concerns ALL.

Hakam: National Human Rights Society
I was encouraged to know a friend will be working there … it’s personal contacts like this which makes the public issues “glare” with greater intensity.

Sisters In Islam
I’ll never forget the first time I heard one of their representatives speak at a consultation.

The Other Malaysia
I think I linked this site before but it’s worth linking again.

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