Random Thoughts after a few pretty good naps

How to prepare green tea

Ok Sushi is never my first choice when it comes to food. I know May Chin likes it … I do like the green tea though 🙂

2 days of decent holidays has been good for us as a family. We all took our much needed naps too … catching up on some sleep for all of us … especially, May Chin.

Watched Spiderman 3 yesterday … it’s been quite a while since we’ve gone to the movies as a family … Gareth and Elysia couldn’t last the whole movie – it was a little long. Aunty Phoebe landed up taking all the kids out half way so the rest of us could finish the show. Looks like we’ll stick with going to the library and the park as first choices.

While dinner was so so last night, I think the earlier Dim Sum brunch was very memorable. The price was pretty good too. I enjoyed myself so much that I forgot to take some pictures. Well, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Oh yes … the brunch was also to celebrate May Chin’s Mom’s Birthday. Rare to have mother and daughter having the same birthday. And especially on Labour Day May 1st! 🙂

I’m contemplating whether I should watch the Manchester Uniter and AC Milan football match 2.45am in the morning. Gone were the days where I could physically do this kind of thing. Well, it’s not a priority. It’s a luxury.

Happy to sort out some books in my room today with our new RM19.90 bookshelf. One for Gareth and one for me 🙂 I think I’ll need another one and rearrange the other books.

My mind is beginning to focus and orientate around the subjects of my part-time Masters of Theology. Tomorrow, will require some extra mind mapping and putting more thought on my bibliography. I think the issue for me is less about what to write. It’s more of sitting down, let those scattered thoughts settle, sort them out, organize myself a little .. and write. .. write … write … edit … edit … edit … revise .. revise … revise …

just managed a little “crisis” … vomiting … washing … crying … calming down … cleaning … changing …

everything’s alright now … life with 2 kids is quite a leap … imagine 3?

Kyrie Eleison.

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