Random Thoughts before we head up to Cameron Highlands

Lutheran Mission Bungalow Map

I love Cameron Highlands …

While I foresee the time there to be relaxing, but there are some important mini-goals to achieve:

1. Speaking at the Lutheran National Young Leaders Camp on “Church” tomorrow morning and relating that to the Luther Plan 🙂 I’d slotted to conduct the closing holy communion for the last day of the camp.

2. Bringing a group of our church members and council to visit Batu 20 Orang Asli Congregation! REALLY looking forward to see how the kids interact together.

3. Council retreat and meeting … I think we need to have a better understanding of our leadership and stewardship in regards to the church.

4. Sabbath retreat with others who’ve joined us. Basically, we’ll have some time of prayer and devotions together perhaps in the morning. The afternoons would be free and easy and we can enjoy each other as well as the Cameron highlands. Looking forward to our meals and board game time together! And hopefully some rest thrown in.

The schedule shouldn’t be packed. It’s just occupying my mind a lot.

I’ll be continuing my reading of Soul Graffiti … who knows maybe I’ll finish the book there.

Ok … it’s time to go … see you soon.

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