Website Immunization: Learning Good Design from Bad Design

Dean Peters

Sitting down and listening to him talk about all things relating to church websites made me laugh, want to cry and most surely “enlightened” from my website design blind spots. So, it was a delight to meet Dean Peters from the blogs4God fame and draw from his wisdom. The small group of us had a great informal time at Bangsar Lutheran Church yesterday and I think Dean’s next visit warrants a 2 hour workshop … minimum.

Apart from website immunization, Dean’s The 10 Commandments of Church Website Search Engine Optimization was a special bonus. We don’t just want to avoid sickness, want healthy websites and blogs (both design as well as content)! 🙂

The added blessing for me was not only from the point of view of church websites or blogs but the most basic communication posture we need to take. It’s not about fancy overuse of Flash or “cool” designs. It’s about stepping into the shoes of the person who first clicks on our website or blog. There’s lots of application starting from there to all aspects of communication.

I hope I got immunized from bad design but I think I caught a bug for good design, thanks to Dean Peters, let’s make Jesus smile after looking at our websites. 🙂 Here’s what the bug made me do some experimenting with a Bangsar Lutheran Church Not-yet-finished Revised Version!

Dean Peters 2

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