Random Thoughts while posting up music …

It’s been a while since my last random thoughts. It’s been a tiring one month.

Physically …

Emotionally ..

Mentally …

even spiritually …

this morning (which was a heavy rainy morning!) I had a slow motion acrobatic fall on some pretty hard concrete while walking Gareth towards his class room. I had some realizations … my slippers are too slippery .. and I’m pretty heavy … it took me some time to get up before a shocked teacher and another equally sympathetic and shocked parent .. Gareth was standing at the side wondering what happened!

The result? Nothing broken … but there’s still some pain on the lower left body … nothing serious I think.

Watching some of my favorite music on Youtube has been relaxing. so, I decided to share them with those reading this blog as the days come by. Most of it is related to the acoustic guitar and vocals .. two of my most favorite instruments 🙂

Elysia was very nice tonight when she came over to me and said “I ‘sayang’ you Ah!” (sayang means care in Malay) Then suddenly, I had Gareth on my right and Elysia on my left stroking me gently because they knew I had a hard fall.

Tomorrow will need to be a day set aside for extra recuperation and recovery.

Nice to have dinner at home the last three nights. May Chin’s cooked …. most of the time we eat at our parents place during the week. So this has been a special treat.

Still thinking of the name for Baby No. 3.

Need to catch up with lots of reading.

Need to decline some speaking engagements and redirect them to friends.

I need to start some serious writing in the coming weeks. Good to have my neighboring PhD pastor willing to help me out in one of the modules for my masters in Theology (part-time). I hope to confirm another NT scholar for my other paper. Better get two done this year hopefully.

10 years of serving as a full time pastor (3 and half as a youth & worship pastor, the last 7 as the pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church) has brought me – or humbled me to a place where I confess my limits and failures. I’m thankful for the surprising fruits and blessings … there has been some precious lessons I’ve learnt. And these insights will determine how I re-orientate myself the next 5 months and beyond.

I like the silence I hear right now.

The temperature is perfect after the rain.

I’m off to get some warm water … the taste of warm water was something which reminds me of my grandma.

The fall made me think of my age … but lately, I’ve been growing increasingly less able to interact on issues which to me have become childish. I do think many of the things we spend energy on is just too much of a luxury for us. Ah .. I caught myself repeating this theme again.

Yesterday, when I was driving one of the friends from United Voice back … we were talking about our grey hairs. 🙂

I don’t miss being single. But in terms of time, intelligence, money and energy … things changed once we’re married and things change even more when the children come. And because of that, I don’t think I can ever relate to others as if I am single .. it’s just impossible and irresponsible especially when the immediate loved ones are affected. As a single person, I didn’t have to think about this so much and thus I was more free roaming. Now, it’s different … It’s not better or worse .. it’s reality. That’s ok.

And now, I continue to get back to my normal energetic self. 🙂 step by step.

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